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Occupational Health 

We take our NHS and Sports experience and apply that to the business world.  We aim to maximise your employees performance, recognising that individuals need to be physically, mentally and medically well to be a productive team player.


We tailor a range of packages which start at basic onsite services through to a partnership with our practice that your employees can benefit from.  Team MT are more than happy to mediate and provide the first point of contact for all your occupational health issues.


Our Onsite Services can provide a simple cost-effective way of offering treatment while providing minimal disruption to your business operations, often making them cost neutral as a minimum.  Our partnerships provide the most comprehensive treatment options for your employees, providing them the opportunity to attend our clinic for any ailments they are experiencing.  We offer an array of services which are set to help employees stay on top form:



We help provide additional support to employees who are either integrating back into the working arena or adjusting to their 'Work From Home' setups.  We assess your team members and their requirements to ensure that they are able to work most effectively and avoid injury at their workspace.  This could involve specialist equipment or a programme of how to manage their workspace, stretches or general health and wellbeing pointers.  We can help prescribe or signpost required equipment to instigate a healthier work environment such as chairs and other essentials.



The largest portion of a GP’s caseload is musculoskeletal conditions at a staggering 40%. A chance to have an informal discussion and assessment of these injuries by a specialist is key to helping staff stay at work, and help get them the treatment they need.  This eliminates the need for sitting on lengthy waiting lists for your local doctor and follows the first rule of effective treatment; early intervention is the best intervention!  As a minimum, all we need is a meeting room where we can provide basic assessment of injuries and we can then tailor a strategy to secure that employee staying operational and productive or throughout their route to recovery.



Partner with our Clinic to provide your employees with free Physiotherapy as a benefit of working with your organisation. 


Your employees can attend our Clinic as and when they need to throughout a business year and you can use our expertise to ensure their ergonomic assessments are up to date to ensure they stay fit, healthy and at work. 

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